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2014 Recap

Workin workn

2014 is over. How did it get to be the future already?! Here’s some of what we’ve been up to this year.

May 2014 PTC DATA Awards

Sadly, we didn’t win in our category, but we had a great time and met some cool folks.

Table at PTC DATA Awards showing Unity at work Beautiful lighting at PTC DATA Awards Our table for ALIEN OUTCASTS at PTC DATA Awards


March 2014 Game Developer’s Conference

1/3 Education, 1/3 Vacation, 1/3 Dream Fulfillment – 2 of our team members headed to the Game Developer’s Conference in San Fransisco, CA for a week of mainlining game development goodness. And also some seriously brilliant food.

We're at the GDC!

Party at Chartboost office

Chartboost is not only awesome, they have awesome cupcakes at their parties.

Chartboost is not only awesome, they have awesome cupcakes at their parties.

My favorite talk of the GDC, although it's hard to choose.

My favorite talk of the GDC, although it’s hard to choose.

Be like water.

Be like water. Be agile, my friend. via Crytek.

Who knows what 2015 will have in store? Stay tuned.


We’re nominated…!

Alien Outcasts is a Finalist in the 2014 Design Art and Tech Awards!

Give us a hand and vote for us now! http://bit.ly/rwfinalist

DATA 2014 Finalist Badge

Alien Outcasts Now Available! Download it now!

The excitement on our team is through the roof as we watch our first game appear on the App Store! Alien Outcasts is now available! Check it out now!

But the fun isn’t over. Now is time to spread the word and get people playing! We’ll also be continuing bug fixes and small feature improvements in the weeks and months to come.

Some things that will be coming:

  • Contents, prizes, and giveaways!
  • Updates on how we’re doing
  • Bug fixes and improvements (so give us your feedback!)

If you are interested in supporting us or our game, here are some ways you can help!

More soon, friends! Thanks for your support through this process!

Alien Outcasts!

Title Screen New

Announcing Alien Outcasts, our upcoming game for iPhone and iPad!

Check out alienoutcasts.com for screenshots and more!

Beta available!

Our first beta is available! Want to be a playtester? Sign up today!

Meet Bruno

Sneak peek of a creature from Radiant Wolf’s current work in progress… What do you think of him?


Angry orange fat alien outcast

Creatures forming…

Sketches of various goofy creatures

Summer may be over, but the work on our current game is not!  Here’s a little taste of the crazy creatures we’ve been dreaming up over the last few months to add to our first game.

Let us know which one’s your favorite.