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    Radiant Wolf is a small indie game studio making titles for iPhone and iPad. We live, work and play in the Steel City — Pittsburgh, PA. We believe everyone deserves great games! Especially you.
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Radiant Wolf is an independent game studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Radiant Wolf was founded by three friends who met working together at a defense contractor making some pretty badass software for the Army. Inspired by their shared love of all kinds of games, husband and wife Leo and Becky Torbochkin and their friend Justin Stander set out to make a game of their own. They knew that free-to-play games have become popular, but aren’t always the most respectful of their players, so they set themselves the challenge of making a better freemium game — one that’s fun, colorful, awesome, respectful to its players — all at the same time. They hope to meet this challenge in their first game, coming in 2013. Leo and Justin tackle development, while Becky does art and interaction design; the team does all of its game design together.

Radiant Wolf believes everyone deserves great games! Especially you.  ;-]

Download our first game Alien Outcasts for iPhone and iPad!