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    Radiant Wolf is a small indie game studio making titles for iPhone and iPad. We live, work and play in the Steel City — Pittsburgh, PA. We believe everyone deserves great games! Especially you.
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Our Games

Alien Outcasts Game for iOS

Alien Outcasts is a free simulation game where you can breed colorful aliens and use them to take over the galaxy!

  • Breed better, stronger, smarter aliens! Over 100 thousand possible combinations…
  • Invade planets across the galaxy! More than 100 planets to conquer across 20 systems…
  • Radiate and mutate your aliens to discover new colors, eyes, furs, and more!

Your people have been cast out from the grey land of your home galaxy because of their sudden new mutations: vibrant colors, crazy fur, new teeth, fangs, and eyes! In ALIEN OUTCASTS, you breed interesting combinations to get stronger and more colorful aliens. Radiate or mutate aliens to get new genes to add to the gene pool – over 100 thousand possible aliens! Invade more than 100 planets across 20 systems, then run missions on conquered planets or put your aliens to work making dough to fuel your empire. Purchase upgrades to breed more aliens at once or harvest more dough from the systems you’ve already conquered!

Spread color and give your people a new home – the galaxy awaits! 

Try it today! Download on iTunes. Find out more on AlienOutcasts.com!

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