Radiant Wolf
Based in Pittsburgh, PA

Release date:
September 2013

iOS - for iPhone and iPad


Simulation, Strategy

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ALIEN OUTCASTS is a free simulation game where you can breed colorful aliens and use them to take over the galaxy! You and your fellow aliens have been cast out from the grey land of your home world because of your sudden new mutations: vibrant colors, crazy fur, new teeth, fangs, and eyes! Breed interesting combinations to get stronger, more intelligent, and more colorful aliens. Radiate or mutate aliens to get new genes to add to your gene pool -- over 100 thousand possible aliens! Invade more than 100 planets across 20 systems, then gather special resources, breed specific aliens for your invasion force, or put your aliens to work making dough to fuel your expansion across the stars! Purchase upgrades to breed more aliens at once, make your forces stronger, or harvest more resources from the systems you've already conquered! Spread the color and give your people a new home--the galaxy awaits!


ALIEN OUTCASTS was born from a desire to do free games right. Inspired by favorite free games such as Tiny Tower, DragonVale, and Clash of Clans, Radiant Wolf set out to make free games for the masses that are honest, fun, and respectful to their players.


  • Breed better, stronger, smarter aliens -- Over 100 thousand possible combinations!
  • Invade planets across the galaxy! More than 100 planets to conquer across 20 systems.
  • Radiate and mutate your aliens to discover new colors, eyes, furs, and more!
  • Defend your ship from asteroids in a quick mini-game to earn coins and bonus dark matter!
  • Put your aliens to work to make your ship more coins!
  • Run missions to gather resources or breed the perfect alien for your army.
  • Upgrade your systems to gather more resources or your egg tanks to grow more aliens faster! Upgrade weapons systems to have more invasion power!
  • Add colorful habitats for your aliens to live in!
  • Purchase powerful exotic aliens to bolster your forces!
  • Purchase currency to play faster, but completely fun to play for free!
  • Earn achievements! Full Game Center support.
  • Soothing, peaceful music...
  • Gorgeous high resolution Retina graphics.
  • Play anytime, no internet connection required. :)




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